Riverstone, Ontario
This is an Econest project led by Joshua Thornton up in Durham, Ontario. The frame was cut by Joshua and his crew (of which I am now a part of) and the walls were assembled in May of 07. I came in at the end of October after my stint at Heartwood to help finish a timber frame porch and to help with plaster work. I also built all the wattle and daub interior partitions inside the building (see riverstone_straw). The building is for the Martins, who run Riverstone Retreat Centre - a family retreat centre which has a main house and camp sites for use. This Econest will be their showcase natural home.

Econest is a company and a philosophy pioneered by Robert Laporte and Paula Baker-Laporte of New Mexico (although both originally hailed from Ontario). They specialize in designing and building timber frame homes with light straw/clay wall systems. Joshua is their Ontario representative.


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Front of building.

Rear of building which faces south.

Joshua and Jeremy admiring our work.

Porch now enclosed with windows recycled from a local school.

Wattle & daub interior walls which allows the frame to be exposed on both sides. (see riverstone_straw)

House in the winter. The central masonry stove keeps the whole home nice and toasty! And helps to dry out the clay walls.

South-facing back of house as of September, 2008.

Looking at the dining room and sitting room.

Stairs going up around masonry fireplace and bake oven.

Upstairs bedroom with wattle and daubed walls.