Heartwood School 2007
I spent the summer of 2007 engrossed in all things timber framing in the Bershires of Massachusetts. Timber framing is a vernacular style of construction in these parts (colonist history) with many buildings and barns dating well over two hundred years old. There is a rich tradition that continues to this day in New England and Heartwood happens to be right in the middle of the action!

I was accepted into their Apprenticeship program and learned about everything from woodlot management to engineering principles behind structures and of course, got to cut and raise a few frames along the way. There were four apprentices this year and we were taught by some of the best framers in the east coast - Will Beemer, Dave Carlon, Jack Sobon and Josh Jackson. We also got to participate in a barn restoration and raising in Ohio with the Timber Framers Guild.

This was a once in a lifetime experience and I thank Will and Michele dearly for the opportunity.

The school runs regular programs in the summer ranging from timber framing specific courses to general wood work and house building. Participation is open to all. Go for the lunches! The school is run by Will and Michele Beemer. Will is also the Executive Director of the TImber Framers Guild.



18'x20' cabin. First frame cut.

Scribe work.

Earth oven and bench. Michele & Will.

Hand hewing.

Guild office. Framed, roofed and some finish trim.

Raising in Vermont with former apprentice, Micah Whitman.
Mortising in Ohio.

Woodshed frame.

Going away present to Will & Michele - step stool!