Timber framing is a method of erecting structures with large wooden members through the use of pegged mortise and tenon joinery. This technique of construction is as ancient as our dependence on wood as a building material. Evidence of joined timber frames in western cultures date back to 6220 BCE in Macedonia.

  naturalbuild.ca Workshops 2009
Teaching Square Rule and Plumb-Line Scribe Workshops with Joshua Thornton and threw in some images of latest EcoNest project... to tease...
  Riverstone, Ontario
EcoNest project with timber frame and light straw/clay building envelope. Helped on timber frame porch and interior walls.
  Hertzler Barn Raising
Part of a Timber Framers Guild barn restoration and raising outside of Springfield, Ohio in July of 2007. Restoring 160 year old timbers and hand-raising the 60'x40' barn by mast, ropes and muscle power!
  Heartwood School 2007
Apprenticed for the summer at the mecca of timber framing: Heartwood School in the Berkshires of Massachusetts. Learned ALOT and met many great framers and future framers.