Earth Oven
This oven was built at Heartwood School 2007.

The oven and its bench is predominately made of cob (straw, clay and sand), while the inside base of the oven is of fire bricks. The finished plaster for the oven is a natural earth plaster with a red iron oxide colour. The finish on the bench is a lime plaster for more durability.

The trick to using this type of oven is to fire it at a high temperature for an hour and a half, scrape out the ash and coals and start loading the food! The oven heats up to about 900F which is hotter than conventional ovens. It is best to cook food that requires high temperatures first and as the oven subsequently cools, start cooking other foods. For example, you can fire pizzas for the first round and then bake bread when it is cooler. You can always re-fire the oven if it gets too cool. It is best to minimize opening and closing the oven door.

We bake personalized pizzas in there the whole summer after we finished it. The first round of pizzas takes about two minutes to cook! We even tried slow roasting ribs one time!>>


Preparing foundation.

Base is dry stacked local stones.

Dome of oven taking shape.

Finished oven.

Finished oven and bench.

Mmmmm... pizza!