Straw bale construction and its many other forms, contrary to popular fairy tales, can withstand fierce winds from flatulent carnivores. In fact, straw bale as a construction method is an all-in-one package of structural support, insulation, air barrier, fire resistance and finish. It is an ideal form of construction for the do-it-yourselfer and for areas that produce a high quantity of grains and/or lack lumber as a building resource.

SBDC 2012
Local Retail & Commercial Kitchen space
Haliburton, ON
Goats on the roof...
Owl Farm Roost 2010
Step into the octagon...
Owl Farm Studios 2009
Artist studio
Prince Edward County, ON

What a hoot!... sorry, couldn't help myself.
SBDC 2008
Performance Arts Centre
Madoc, ON
Pride of Hastings County! Round bales in an octagon...
Riverstone, Ontario
Wattle & daub interior partitions. An old system made new.
Earth Oven
Cob earth oven built at Heartwood 2007. Mmmm... pizza...
SBDC 2006
Sustainable Building Design and Construction, a course out of Fleming College was taught by Chris Magwood. This team of building virgins built this showcase building in 15 weeks!