SDHW in flux
Solar Domestic Hot Water System

Closed-loop Propylene Glycol Thermosyphon system. Runs on no power - uses convective nature of heat to move glycol and water around system.

Made with type M 1/2" copper pipes, recycled aluminum roof sheathing, recycled electric hot water tank, recycled white pine flooring, cedar trees harvested from the site and new components such as the expansion tank and flat plate heat exchanger. Made for Kinark Outdoor Education Centre, Minden, Ontario as part of the course, Sustainable Building Construction and Design (see straw section).

Designed, constructed and installed by me.

Custom made solar collector facing south.

Cedar posts for collector rack harvested from surrounding woods.

Detail of pipe connection from collector to components inside (through 18" thick straw bales).

Components of system inside building (expansion tank, temperature gauge, flat plate heat exchanger, pressure gauge, recycled electric hot water tank).